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The Gloucestershire Village Of Awre

The view above was taken from St. Andrews Church Tower, looking West to South West over the heart of the Village. Summer 2002.

The Village of Awre is situated in the County of Gloucestershire and is in rural England, (UK), on the outskirts of the Royal Forest of Dean, its tucked in just below, Newnham-On-Severn and the Great Horse Shoe Bend on the banks of the Grand Old, River Severn, (National Grid Reference: SO708081). Taking in the South Gloucestershire vale's to the South and South East and the hill's of the Forest of Dean to the North West, Speech House (which is said to be the heart of the Forest) lying some 296 degrees west of Awre.

The purpose of this website is to give an insight to the past and present as what the quality of village life was like in bygone day's, compared with life of the modern villager. Using graphical  photographs and text interview's form the people of Awre.

It would be hard for anyone to determine the initial existence of Awre. Down through the ages the spelling has changed somewhat, in Saxon times around A.D.832 it was spelt (Alre) and is mentioned in the Domes-day Book as (Aure). Although it would be interesting to delve that far back in the history of Awre, we may leave that to the historians, or shall we? I might just tinker around with the timeline of the old Village, even if just to encourage all you more competent historians to take up the challenge to document this historic hamlet. 

By-the-way, my name is ‘Andy Cadogan’ and I’m your guide as we walk along the  lanes of Awre. Our starting point is from the War Memorial the heart of the village.

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These photos are some 100 year’s or so apart, can you spot the differences. Gone is the tree in centre of the triangle replaced with the ‘Memorial’ also the Flagpole at Craddox, and the Lampool (as was known) just below Upper House Farm all gone, with a vast amount of tree’s. The Yew Trees has gained some chimney pots and the Craddox has had some modernising work done. Looking at the right hand photo, outside Jasmine Cottage (The Post Office Home of Tom and Ruby Beard) it rather looks like a pile of ‘Snow’.

Sadly the Dutch Elm disease and the cheaper imports of Cider & Jam Apple’s, Plumbs and Pear trade ended a lot of the tree population in the village

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